Afternoon of August 21, 2022

Is that toucan on the box talking to me?

no, that’s Unlikely 2.0, the revenge of the absurd 

~Ben Nardolilli

city puddle

all the feet trampling

my reflection

 ~Mona Bedi

Winter Term

The road takes me to

brick buildings, drafty fossils.

I teach in my coat.

~Kendra Preston Leonard

opossum's faint visions of wild dogs playing dead

~Richard Thomas

part of the parsley parsley worms eat parsley leaves

 ~Richard Thomas

ghost hour

a photo frame in the hall

off the hook

~Arvinder Kaur

rareripe grapes

adjacent to my prayer rug

a cat sejant

~Husain Abdulhay

if I buy her chocolates

she'll only eat them

~Keith Evetts

grounds for dismissal espresso

 ~Roberta Beach Jacobson

things i didn’t know i wanted feathered tarsi

 ~Julie Bloss Kelsey

laundry day the starch in his bones

  ~Kelly Moyer

often I wish

when I talk to myself my lips

wouldn’t move

It seems to annoy my coworkers

but I’m no ventriloquist

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

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