Afternoon of June 8, 2024




ends in the cerebrum

a precisely located shock

it jumps!


realigned with our objective

it thinks our thoughts believes

our ends our means

are best

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

old stump

my old butt

good company

~Tom Blessing

Hey Joe, give me a chewing gum”

barefoot, soiled feet

this boy could have been my grandpa

~Fhen M.

just words

the jurors play


~Robert Witmer

the golden egg

each morning a different


~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

summer sunset

a bulbul flutters out of a bush

and flies in a curve

~Tejendra Sherchan

My journey

Without a caravan.

Feel the vacuum, beloved.

~Partha Sarkar

the dune moves on

polished metal emerges

from the sands of Mars

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

Knowing and Not Knowing


There are books on my kindle

I probably won’t read before I die.


So much knowledge

not in my head when my head

is filled with earth.

Who knows which books?


I mean, Finnegan’s Wake, obviously.

But other than that.

~Noah Berlatsky


the fortune teller smiles

through the nervous shadows

~Robert Witmer

a white pale man

wore a Donald Duck hat

hired to build roads & airstrips

~Fhen M

flea circus

a mangy cat

snarls at a tiny chair

~Robert Witmer

lying listless

in wet mud

street cats

~Rupa Anand

catastrophic heat

the tree sheds mangoes

just to keep cool

~Rupa Anand

opal sky

the morning slug’s

trail of slime

~B. L. Bruce

sun slow to set

two hoots

from the owl

~B. L. Bruce

You are a hazy

moon, hiding

your intentions

in murky


~Nolcha Fox


Mexican Devils ravage a Peepal

halfway up

~Tejendra Sherchan


dancing to a cover of Boom  Boom

a hearty bowl of Soupy

~dan smith


take everything I have"

i hold out my

empty hands

~Tom Blessing

dining out now checking for symptoms

~Ruth Holzer

giving the bird medicine he screams and dies

~Ruth Holzer

syrtaki for once joining the circle

~Ruth Holzer

waking to the brittle voices of the morning ravens

~Tom Blessing


a brief visitor to my life

the man on a raft of cans

paddling down the ganges

at hardwar

neither of us knowing

the end of the journey

~Tom Blessing



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