Morning of May 25, 2024



enemy soldiers stationed on an island

sailed a motorboat to a local bar

at the end of the world

~Fhen M

battle fatigue a spoonful of jam or two in the smallest cup

~Alan Summers

somewhere in the southern mountain

a Hollywood actor used a binocular

to measure the speed of a fake enemy ship

~Fhen M

warring neighbours

the oak and banyan meet

over the wall

~Ranu Jain

child warriors Molotov mocktails

~Roberta Beach Jacobson


the diplomat adds rum

to her coffee

~Sharon Ferrante

The Argonaut Octopus Detaches his Loaded Arm

Socially distanced sex makes babies too.

Masks optional.

~Cheryl Snell

how did it feel

dear moon

the rocket on your skin?

~Ranu Jain


in the herb garden —

it’s not rocket

~Mark Gilbert

Curtain Call

Summer concert in the round. 

Mad applause.

Reviews noted that

no mosquitoes survived.

~Cheryl Snell

skeletons rose from a forgotten graveyard

no fresh flowers were offered to the dead

~Fhen M

The 30th Month

the waiting room crosses over

its magazines updated

its puzzles solved

an inner hurricane

by the sunset

black new moon

all our names pass

through shadows

~Alan Summers

what does it matter antimatter anyway

~Mark Gilbert

They this They that They are Whoever you want Them to be

~Mark Gilbert

We Leave a Screening of Real Genius When Someone Yells Fire

...and we’re running

past extinguishers and alarms,

watching the theater explode with popcorn,

kernels rising into the damaged sky 

like so much applause.

~Cheryl Snell

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