Afternoon of November 28, 2023


I tell myself

it was just an earring–

but I lost you again

~Jennifer Gurney

Black Friday

woman pushes

her shopping cart into

a homeless encampment

~John J. Dunphy

the grays in my eyebrow silverfish

~Susan Burch

kingfishers arc-welding shards of sky

~John Hawkhead

Taylor Swift fans too chimney swifties

~Susan Burch

This is not a swipe.

~Noah Berlatsky

breaking silence fallen leaves

~Marc Brimble

paper or plastic Barbie’s watching

~Susan Burch

30% chance

just as I sit on a bench

100% rain

~Christa Pandey

Frost flowers blooming

Ghosts growing in the cold air

The sunlight takes them

~Sam Calhoun


selling A positive

to pay the rent

~John Hawkhead

Nembutal nights

slipping into deep currents

of wish fulfilment

~John Hawkhead

Roach Lines

Open the kitchen drawer

there you are

slipping across silver cutlery

like a pitch pebble

skimming a lake


beneath the dishwasher


crap dirt bogies debris

~Marc Brimble

exchanged words

a gradual vowel-shift

in endearments

~John Hawkhead

rolling news

the world spins on its axis

repeating itself

~John Hawkhead

Big Brown Eyes

Don’t believe that sweet expression.

Notice that his claws are splayed.

He just buried the cat.

~Nolcha Fox


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