Afternoon of October 7, 2023


I think she likes me,

that red


~Richard Magahiz

letting go

and giving in…

best decision ever

~Jennifer Gurney


all of them true

to our own

~Mike Gallagher


our albums was the hardest part

of moving out

~Jennifer Gurney

his bank account

so many zeros

never enough

~Mike Fainzilber

impulse (out of) control

~Lee Hudspeth

adapted neuroclaws twelve hours below crush depth

~Richard Magahiz

increased thirst for darkness all hallows' eve

~C.X. Turner

mindfulness and then the crosswalk

~Lee Hudspeth

Red Sky. The birds went south. People flew into the abyss

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

are you listening to me       crickets

~Lee Hudspeth

nettle tea...



~C.X. Turner

Coyote vs. Roadrunner


………………………….. ||||||||||



~Noah Berlatsky

the never-ending

legs of a spider

autumn ledge

~C.X. Turner

ashes on the wind

the new normal

book burnings

~Mike Fainzilber

Why a Big Heart

Everyone said she had a big heart,

with smile and hands to welcome.

She didn’t expect to need a big heart

cause he had big feet to stomp on it.

~Nolcha Fox

torn faces


torn tracks

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

(Originally published in Dreginald)




~James Penha

(Found on a road sign in upstate New York)

sea bottom:

steel bathyscaphes

filled with salad oil

~Richard Magahiz

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