Morning of July 16, 2023

~Wanda Amos

Tom Cruise will make an action movie at 90,

chasing down criminals in his wheelchair

which he’ll operate on cruise control

~Peter Witt

dominatrix's house

new client enters

through the dog door

~John J. Dunphy

cursed ...

some names already faded

in the yearbook

~Deborah Karl-Brandt

Tumbling from gravity

into sweetgrass

every child's

crocs are

generation starships

~Richard Magahiz

across the night sky

chasing Orion … starlink

~Wanda Amos

hope licking

at unkempt

rugs has no


~Alan Zhong

twinkle twinkle

tinkle tinkle

piano lesson

~James Penha

at the thrift store

a row of used toilets sit

beside a chandelier

~Jennifer Gurney

record-setting weather

plastic flamingos

fly away

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

depth of winter …

incense smoke uncurling between

death and me

~Deborah Karl-Brandt

giant pasta shells

the internet recipe

a disaster

~Christa Pandey

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