Evening of July 26, 2023

grand canyon intentionally left blank

~J. D. Nelson


down the canyon

I am a bird

~Jennifer Gurney

Ice Cream, Anyone?

Summer love is a cicada 

stuck halfway out of its shell, 

baking in the afternoon sun 

as an army of ants 

devours every ounce of hope 

held for a better life, 

thus making a mockery 

of the belief in 

a just yet merciful god.

~Kelly Moyer

ten-point pain scale

second nature to say

only a four

~Shasta Hatter


my life

as an erasure poem

~Kelly Moyer

county fair

no longer pretending

to be feminist

~Kelly Moyer

the last bee imperishable plastic cube

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

sashimi whispers while the tuna dream

~Jean-Paul Moyer

pandemic passé

not in my life where pink

parallel lines rule

~James Penha

just you’n’me

and the three

elephants in the room

~Mark Gilbert

Telling my life story

to the other characters


~Mark Gilbert

The fake ID says I am older

but not wiser.

~Noah Berlatsky

wooden elbow march or april

~J. D. Nelson

trash day we pick through our attributes

~Kelly Moyer

starry noodle tree soup

~J. D. Nelson

shooting stars I always miss

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel 



stars crossing against the light

~Kelly Moyer

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