Evening of July 31, 2023

first day in the office —

delegating my tasks

to ChatGPT

~Roman Lyakhovetsky

after dinner


her husband

~Wilda Morris


a little salty

potato chip moon

~Susan Burch

paralyzed by the sting of a potter wasp

dragged from its rolled-leaf home

and eaten alive by larva—

I would not want to be

this striped oak leaftier catepillar

~Wilda Morris

cooling shelter

volunteer removes a water bottle from

a sleeping guest's hand

~John J. Dunphy

sleet from shaved bunions

the perfect poverty

of her life

~Patrick Sweeney

scorching his pleats chef

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

train cows the moos in my head

~Susan Burch

splashes of light sake

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

no use regretting that I never made it to the turquoise mines of Sinai

~Patrick Sweeney

old oven new sylvia plathing it

~Susan Burch

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