Afternoon of July 5, 2023

identity a petrol-puddle rainbow

~Kelly Moyer

night rain bottlecaps from the moon

~Kelly Moyer

one for me


another blackbird night  

spent walking streets amongst  

ghosts and sheets of rain  

~Tohm Bakelas

Water in the Basement


If you just leave it alone

it will go away


It will never go away.


Stupid water.

~Noah Berlatsky

My neighbor’s radio

The soundtrack for my solo

Kitchen dance party

~Jennifer Gurney

leveling up

waves in the holy spirit

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

nightclub restroom

woman remains in her stall

after hearing gunshots

~John J. Dunphy


tv is no good, laughter  

too painful—small spiders   

crawl the ceiling   

~Tohm Bakelas

time heals

jagged edges

my grudge

against seaglass

~Kelly Moyer

State of Mind



live within yourself,


by debilitating forgetfulness.



can never again

be where I am.

~Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

A hefty young chief Potawatomie

Admitted "There is quite a lot of me.

When I get in my head 

to make Indian fry bread, 

My wife locks the pot up away from me."

~Janet Stotts

every 5 minutes

a brand new poem

rest a while, AI

~AJ Anwar

a new guideline to guidelines: AI

~Arvinder Kaur

spooning a crescent moon migraine

~Mariel Herbert

old-school misogyny detonating the yarnbomb

~Kelly Moyer

the dog yawns when i yawn leftover sun

~Mariel Herbert

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