Afternoon of July 19, 2023

on a caterpillar's branch is

an eight-year-old boy in a jar

~Robert Fleming


a dark worldwide

spider web

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Night lost itself by day

and found itself at night.

No form, no face, no self

in too much light.

~Noah Berlatsky

Zip it!

Though by then

the teeth of the moment

have already exacted their bite.

~Darrell Petska

Korean drama

the devil’s apology

very very sweet

~A.J. Anwar

house inspection —

top of front window

bullet hole

~Tuyet Van Do

lemonade stand

I share my cup

with an ant

~John J. Dunphy

pouring conversations

to the brim

we let Spring


on our eyelids

~Debarati Sen

detasseling colonels of war

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

newborn mosquito's first hot meal

~Patrick Sweeney

hyenas and vultures office safari

~A.J. Anwar

between woodpecker variations the stillness of trees

~Patrick Sweeney

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