Afternoon of June 4, 2023


we can stop


~Noah Berlatsky

poisonous beauty

red grapes ripen in her eyes


~Maria Quernel

the faded spot

of father’s nameplate

crumbling wall

~Arvinder Kaur

What is there to do

When my to-do list

Is done?

~Jennifer Gurney

The sun is shining

And yet it’s raining on me

Cognitive dissonance

~Jennifer Gurney

The birds are singing

To the opera wafting

Through my window

More have landed

And their songs rise and fall with


~Jennifer Gurney


under dying stars

Mayan secrets

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

I love the feeling

When the third line of a haiku

Clicks into place

~Jennifer Gurney



amidst the din of existence abendrot sky

~Arvinder Kaur

in the end

all our castles

turn to sand

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

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