Afternoon of June 3, 2023

insomnia —

smoking up

the moonlight

~Debarati Sen

your ankles swell    when the sap rises

~Rich Magahiz

take this mask    the Zen is thick today

~Rich Magahiz


That shreds just-planted flowers


~Jennifer Gurney

shower of fragments

brick wall sloughs off

time exfoliation

~Julie A. Dickson


up a bronze sculpture

the wind chill

a negative number

of blossoms

~Christina Chin / M. R. Defibaugh


new employee focuses on

his roll model

~John J. Dunphy

drowning I slice seaweed with my invisible sword

~Sharon Ferrante

where the end is always near flash fiction

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

staying indoors with my writer’s block all day rain

~Mona Bedi

the itch to just

hit send and regret it

submission jitters

~A.J. Anwar


crept in: not sure how.

Came silently like the snow;

like a virus on air.

Does not matter how--it's here,

fear, I know it well.

~Wayne F Burke


in retrograde

toxic chaos

~JL Huffman

new friends

I sit on the stool

that falls over

~Sharon Ferrante

poet of the year AI

~Roberta Beach Jacobson


Lower your standards

and you too can enter heaven.

~Noah Berlatsky

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