Evening of February 23, 2023


pleasure of snow

in Bali there is none

if you get my drift

~James Penha

February snowstorm

snow plows rumble, 4 a.m.

over roads of thought

~Wayne F. Burke

melting me snow

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

When all the world seems

To be in love with each other

And I am alone

~Jennifer Gurney

The dog licks

my face to see

if I am breathing.

If I’m not,

she’ll bug her daddy

for food.

~Nolcha Fox

she struggles

to write

just enough

~Sharon Ferrante

high-end church

all its baptismal water


~John J. Dunphy

a spritz

of extra virgin olive oil

before her date

~Roberta Beach Jacobson


the speed

the sound

~Sharon Ferrante

2 men talking out of my

nose as I wake to morning's


~Wayne F. Burke

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