Afternoon of February 10, 2023

yet (another) bank seizure (dead)line app(roach)es

~Lorraine A Padden

diving deep into my fears water child

~Akhila Mohan

feeling incomplete quarter horse

~Roberta Beach Jacobson


~Lorraine A Padden

soapbox orator

 nodding in agreement

 the pigeons

~Wanda Amos

the puppet master


the strings

she ponders…

to go or stay

~Wanda Amos

How can a daisy tell

If he loves me or

Loves me not

~Jennifer Gurney

in this twilight

about longing and love

your shadow never disappears

~Nani Mariani

cries ignored

wolf wolf wolf

the wolf is us

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Against Expression

humidity forty-nine percent

unknown, unbroken

error message

~Noah Berlatsky

We were required

To wear dresses to school in

Michigan winters

So we tucked our

Skirts into snow pants for

The cold walk to school

~Jennifer Gurney

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