Afternoon of February 6, 2023

Did you sell

your soul for

pink Cadillac illusions?

~Keith Snow

going minimal

not much to count

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

I'm snakebit tracing

the arc of this poem—where

is the anecdote?

~James Penha

Dryer sings when done

Fridge beeps when open too long

Appliance chorus

~Jennifer Gurney


You can't have art without heart.

What about a ham sandwich?

Yes, yes. It's quite dead.

~Noah Berlatsky

pop! bottling the epiphany

~Kelly Moyer


at the mercy of mountain

and the snow


Full moon glows

    moving through twisted bare branches 

as if they weren't there 

~Steve Van Allen

a fly

in the melting



melted butter⁐flies freely in the sun

~Kelly Moyer

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