Evening of October 21, 2022

alone at Dad’s grave

by the cemetery wall

six or seven cows

   they watch me write little poems

   but will they keep it secret?

~Sean O’Connor

a ninja

wearing a cowbell

climate change

~Robert Witmer


the good wife’s

muffin cups 

~Kelly Moyer

thin men

with frightened hair


~Robert Witmer

oh God –

do you –

what the –

I don’t –

are we –

would we –

it’s so –

going now –

and he was –

(found poem sourced from Kim Wozencraft, Wanted)

~Caroline Reid

The most beautiful thing about a blistering summer day is a swimming pool.

The most beautiful thing about a swimming pool is goosebumps.

The most beautiful thing about goosebumps is a blistering summer day.

~Nolcha Fox

cockroaches my crush on them

 ~Keith Evetts

self-preservation muting the barrel-aged bluebird

~Kelly Moyer

feet smaller than Buddha’s Grauman prints

~Stephen J. DeGuire

just as the sun explodes haiku

~Keith Evetts

moth-eaten poems the missing words

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

sigh a while after the expiration date

~Keith Evetts

Will she

go to church

in that red satin dress,

like her daddy wants?

Or smoke on the corner,

wait for the boys,

like her mommy does?

~Nolcha Fox

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