Five Fleas Merch

Evening of September 13, 2022

space landing

the sentient being

recognises me

~C.X. Turner


Pluto now just Mickey’s


~A.J. Anwar

The Nah-Nah Men
They soak themselves

with cloying cologne

and head out towards

the twilight zone.

Once in the bars

they shine like gems:

the avatars of ATMs.

~Frank William Finney

dark silence and then the scream of stars

~Joseph P. Wechselberger

subtle curve of a planet

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

all those stars…

the everlasting cold

of the Second Law

~Keith Evetts

Orange exopla(net)

raisins in cratered porridge—

goldilocks orbit.

~Damon Hubbs

global warming

help arrives

from another planet

~C.X. Turner

dividing line

we walk on either side

of the night

~Richa Sharma

Morning of September 13, 2022


     the party

          in their eyes

~A.J. Anwar

twisted path of a fly in my eye

~Mircea Moldovan


how the green spreads

in his eyes

~Minal Sarosh

in sects

the rest of us sometimes


~A.J. Anwar


death whistles

the screams

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

dry bones the rattle of her wondertale

~Kelly Moyer

pseudopodia swish-swashing

~Amoolya Kamalnath

rusted lock

a whisper answers

the knock

~Arvinder Kaur


your name 

comes up on 

your caller ID 

dare to answer 

~Todd Matson 

3D printing my fears

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

with all good intentions stinging nettle

~Arvinder Kaur

barbaric barber the shave

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

insomnia –  

the beach 

where dreams 

invade consciousness 

~Todd Matson

the rabbit

at the end

of the poem

~Luke Brannon

Morning of September 12, 2022

death and pestilence

served with a side order

of bittersweet chocolate


Gallows Café

Take your biscotti--

it’s time to go:

I hear the hammers


Hurry it up

and finish your cup:

I’d hate to be late

for the hanging.

~Frank William Finney


of bluebottles 

infuriate the future

~Christian Ward

pruning my fear into a lion-shaped topiary


waxing moon

crushed tall boys dot

the playscape

~Melanie Alberts

my reflection

in a cup of tea

offers me a cup


frost on the window --

pulling strands of silver hair

out of the plughole

~Keith Evetts

bike path--

everybody watching out

for the rapist

~Ruth Holzer

silent mosquito

alighting on my forearm

its gift left behind

~Brian Barnett

gnats swarm loud sunlight

~Mariel Herbert

one size

fits all--

I.C.U. bed

~Ruth Holzer

Relay of Love: for Helena Qi Hong

Living on the opposite sides of

The world, we take turns to go

To bed, each waking up

To become part of the other

In the same dream, even

About the same moment

Day & night

Though, alas, on different beds

In different time zones

~Changming Yuan

helping Bob 

the demogorgon with

summoning Pazuzu

the final project,

but first: cupcakes

~Richard Magahiz

childhood travels

paddling the wheel of

a sewing machine

~Daipayan Nair


high precision missiles

miss the bull

~Keith Evetts


I imagine him

not charging

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Morning of September 10, 2022

red radio hat

picking up lo-fi music

from mars

~Kimberly Kuchar

status quo(te)

what's on

my mind

your own business


~Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

long drive

she replays the song

I press to skip

~Daipayan Nair


a crap plaque

with my name wrong

~Ruth Holzer

children duck their heads

an occasional spurt 

of godhead

makes the governors 


~Richard Magahiz

oops my




                     o  o      

                    o o  o     oo     

              o  o  o         o          o  o

                  o  o           o  o            o

              o oo      o    o   o         o

       o o     o o   o        o              oo    o's

~petro c.k.

transcendent skies the

hue of Dawn dish detergent

buy one, get none

~Richard Magahiz

new skin cream—

her wrinkles are gone

along with her face

~Kimberly Kuchar

Morning of September 8, 2022

please william tell of the boy beneath the apple

~Robert Witmer

nostalgia back when i was kerouac

~Kelly Moyer

foaming mad algorithm

~Keith Evetts

obsolescence in conversation nonetheless

~Kelly Moyer

rowing ashore why not revolt

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

old flame she breathes hot polythene

~John Hawkhead

moon soon rains coming of age

~Lorelyn De la Cruz Arevalo

disparate ballistics the time it took to lay the tracks

~Robert Moyer

Grief is buried under the floorboards

~Christian Ward

non-linear thus kept for observation

~Kelly Moyer

too soon to be Episcopalian

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Afternoon of September 7, 2022

testing their thick skin


        night creatures


my dragon fruit

~Tuyet Van Do

river shadows slapping gnats

~Keith Evetts

centipede llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllegs

~petro c.k.

a north wind blows the alley cat round the corner

~Robert Witmer

until I’m fully awake hooting owl

~Reid Hepworth


Fantastical cawed the macaw,

An opium dream in his beak,

A tail as long as a lamppost,

A laugh as loud as the shriek

Of the ladies with lizards and ghost fruit

Bats dangling under the eaves

Of their bungalows, under the leaves

Of the banyan, lithe ladies who

Look to the Amazons

Filing their teeth in the night.

~Robert Witmer

illicit corroboration rat feet scuttle in the empty walls

~Robert Moyer

raucous crows the chainsaw

~Keith Evetts

ticking time bomb bee's butt on the pink lips

~Amoolya Kamalnath

just happening to be a bumblebee

~Keith Evetts

muted light years in dragons

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

werewolf behind any of these trees

~Keith Evetts

Afternoon of September 4, 2022


a waiter serves

the origin of species

~Keith Evetts


bamboo flute with oyster sauce

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

the boys, the boys

you tell me how

many brothers I have

as if such a thing

would tumble about

in my brain

and confuse you

~Shasta Hatter

The moon has been replaced by wolf’s teeth

~Christian Ward

dinosaurs gone

hole in the ocean floor

seen from space

~Bob Carlton



The half-submerged pier

an understudy for sea monsters

~Christian Ward

Just Above Gravity

And it is asteroids flashing

in some nanosecond of vision

that compels me

to the vast planet wasteland

where the air requires additional oxygen.

The need to explore beyond -

requires no allegiance

to order as it is known.

That you wish to come with me is in itself

an extraterrestrial enigma.

~R. Gerry Fabian

friend on the phone

guides me to Mars

alone in city sky

~Shasta Hatter

a degree

from the best



I point

the lawn sprinkler


the wrong way

~Keith Evetts

the atoms

of our half-truths

collide with

the science of lies

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

rhinestone studded hat

organically grown

for bus riding

~Shasta Hatter

desirable dandelion if not so many

~Keith Evetts

no more pretending check please

~Roberta Beach Jacobson