Morning of May 12, 2024

Psychic Grief

diehard pessimist

her spirit animal

is a dead duck

~John H. Dromey

the latest fashion

a search for identity

in a differential equation

~Robert Witmer

a dragon bone?

the little girl returns

a curtsy

~Randy Brooks

Yellow press or gutter newspapers

Custard, mustard, lemon meringue pie

Book pages yellowed by the heat

Yellow spots on the mirror's surface

Yellow sun full of midday beach time glamour

Yellow moon risen to brighten nighttime pallor

Yellow skin sickened by jaundice

Yellow fingers stained by tobacco

Yellow Hockney crocs my word

Yellow is wonderful and absurd

~Olinda Ninolakis

Alas! war is not responsible

Fleeing poor in the election.

A weak and sick crawling kitten in democracy.

It rains after the prolonged heatwave.

Yet a mixed fleeing- Will an innocent get a perfect green cottage?

An eternal conscience!

I suffer because of the lack of green.

Alas! war is not responsible for that.

~Partha Sarkar

Doubt Sourcing

A.I.dentity crisis

~John H. Dromey

the contrasts

the symmetry

but Shane

never comes back

~dan smith

walk-in clinic

already seated in the waiting room

my one-night stand

~John J. Dunphy

Poison Pen Letter

venomous words

in tightly-wound cursive coils

waiting to strike

~John H. Dromey


                a brief refuge . . .

            in the hurricane eye

~Stephanie Zepherelli

a child

the cat



her community

~Wanda Amos

afternoon sun

a monkey family

grooming each other

so delicious

the fat fleas

~Wanda Amos

the wheel without the sun one could be

~J. D. Nelson

dandelion parking the drive-in theatre

~Randy Brooks

parakeet angle you redundant you

~J. D. Nelson

gurgling brook who’s a good baby stream

~Susan Burch

grain chain the world after next

~J. D. Nelson

campaign logic as strong as an oxymoron

~Robert Witmer

that name suddenly one hundred prowling frogs

~J. D. Nelson

flapdoodle morning

making my way

to malarkey

~Susan Burch

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