Morning of April 29, 2024




An old skald leaves his mortal coil

aurora borealis over the fjords

~Oliver Kleyer






fog-breath dawn

following the downhill tracks

of liver scars

~John Hawkhead

Hamburg Main Station

a lonely locomotive

in search of a train

~Oliver Kleyer

carnival freakshow

performers gape at

their audience

~John J. Dunphy


Night after night

they place their drink orders

with me

Some ask for a special beer

others opt for martinis

I nod my understanding

but I serve everybody’s

evening meds with tap water

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

full moon

my horoscope suggests

emotional awareness

~Debarati Sen

landing gear deploys—

homing pigeon


~James Penha

coordinated apples raining old triads

~J. D. Nelson

first fish friend hardness of quartz

~J. D. Nelson

hard part a cave inside of a cave

~J. D. Nelson

Spring noon

the koel and I wait

for the biopsy report

~Debarati Sen

'Keep your chloroplast,

Otherwise...' nosology to

Jaundiced blood.

~Partha Sarkar

pablum, pablum!




~dan smith

the trouble is soup scarf

~J. D. Nelson

time in the time of time

~J. D. Nelson

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