Evening of April 15, 2024


fried egg and sausage

seeing my future

death stare

~Melissa Dennison


A little bit

of havoc and

a little bit of hell

is my idea of heaven

which is really

just as well in

a cockroach world.

~Lindsay McLeod

I did hear them say

the words "amplifying you"

Is it size or sound?

~Charles A. Perrone


Now the thing we had in

the toaster has popped and

the smoke alarm is being...


So I set to scraping the

burn from the bread

only to find that,

all I have left is the knife.

~Lindsay McLeod

one haiku moment

deserves another

double espresso latte

~Robert Epstein

Firm Commitment

vampires prefer their victims al dente

~John H. Dromey

is that a devil entendre

~Robert Epstein

Lack of Closure

three body problem

hitman’s compact car

teeny weeny trunk

~John H. Dromey


magnet orchestral tune

probes to the core

~J.L. Huffman

Luna's desk covers Sol

the king as the sunlike

trembles in fear.

~Fhen M.

solar eclipse—

what you hide from me

has its days numbered

~Nicoletta Ignatti

There's this cat who's sort of bold

He demands to be treated like gold

Forgetting the days he was a stray

In the backyard where he'd stay

Now he's used to all his meals bowled

~Jackie Chou

murder of crows

arrested motion

hangman’s rope drops

~J.L. Huffman


She said she inherited

her cool from me and

her lies from her mother

so now I don't really

know whether to

believe her or not.

~Lindsay McLeod

family reunion—

the popcorn explodes

in the pan

~Nicoletta Ignatti


Woken again by the scarlet fever

a visceral word through

the heartless receiver

I wondered how long since

I'd dared that voice when I

heard my catastrophe call.

~Lindsay McLeod

fly me to the moon

and house me with the other


~Robert Epstein

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