Afternoon of April 9, 2024


Social Anxiety

Approach social structures:

Fall apart immediately.

~Thomas Skahill

People travel hundreds of miles

for 4 minute eclipse

crosstown visit to see grandma too far

~Peter A. Witt

5 fleas

on the cold moon

dancing to spring

~Elliot Diamond

total eclipse

animals and endtimers

run for cover

~David Josephsohn

MTG says eclipse is warning from god

god says MTG needs a fact check

~Peter A. Witt

And how did it happen

that the sun and moon are in the same sky?

~Fhen M.

Duck, duck, duck

goose, goose, goose

splatter, spatter, splatter

doesn't matter, matter, matter

~Peter A. Witt

old frog

the sound of water

or ChatGPT

~Noah Berlatsky

Razor blades work better

than rollerblades when shaving

~Peter A. Witt

Almost every Easter, even though no spring chicken, I have a challenge with Easter eggs.

sugar moon

needing some sort of self control

chocolate Easter eggs

~Madeleine Kavanagh

palm reading the future I never wanted to know

~Mona Bedi

what katydid beneath the moon

~Tracy Davidson

dragons in the phoenix nest

your tax dollars

at work

~Mike Fainzilber

from irresistible

to invisible

middle age

~Mike Fainzilber


Oh and no,

as yet I mold

an old

ugly soul

born for need

of control.

~Thomas Skahill


when fairy tales

were a reality

~Mona Bedi

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  1. Such fun to be included....looking forward to my daily does