Morning of February 16, 2024

Nostalgic POV

the multiverse

of a Train


the trackless

waste of desires

yellow streetcars

ice-blue silence

of a lake

no longer freezing

~dan smith

deep winter all night long visiting ghosts

~John Pappas

tragedy to trivia the alchemy of history

~John Pappas

now it is for it isn’t an eep

~J. D. Nelson

mysterious plaidness a letter in box 1

~J. D. Nelson

daylight crown aperture extra now

~J. D. Nelson

late middle-age unable to enjoy the rule of thirds

~John Pappas

end of mission

a pattern of smoke

on repeat

~John Pappas

wildflowers the art and artifact of language

~John Pappas

writers' workshop

first-timer asks us to critique

his suicide note

~John J. Dunphy

bad dreams and nightmares

un-pleasantries as I sleep

unable to wake!

~Charles A. Perrone

a circle makes a polygon.

~Fhen M.

Saturn and hourglass

the end is the beginning.

~Fhen M.

Swan Lake

The Dance of the Cygnets

aka Tchaikovsky’s

Cygneture Tune.

~Tony Dawson

Eye 4 an Eye

i4ni + Human + ruthlessness = Humans+blindness+toothless

~David Mitchell

hooded crows

another dark tale

about priests

~John Hawkhead

rolling over

shoreline pebbles

an exclusion zone

~John Hawkhead

Prayer for peace

Sound of ‘arm men.’

Sound of ‘aim men’

~David Mitchell


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