Afternoon of February 27, 2024

my continuous personal consciousness goes right on peeling potatoes

~Patrick Sweeney

I wish I was a butterfly

I'll grow wings when I die.

I wish that I was a phoenix

I'll rise again from cinder and ashes.

I wish I will live forever

forever young and forever fair.

but wishing stars fade, die

wishing stars fade and die.

~Fhen M.

in the frozen ground

a new grave waiting

to be fed

~Tom Blessing


flying roof to roof

must be bored

~Tom Blessing

red banarasi

like sunshine

her acid-burnt face

~Debarati Sen


hail oh mountain wolves / do howl to your hearts' content / to tell us what is

~Charles A. Perrone

The twelve apostles rise

from the dead. Their job?

Drag bodies from Gaza

over the wall into Egypt.

When will the killing end,

they ask a wandering hippie ghost

singing about sunshine.

The sky turns black.

A cross appears,

holding a weeping man.

~Pris Campbell

isolating the war drums in his speech

~Patrick Sweeney

the people who didn't get there in time

~Patrick Sweeney

a pebble

in my niece's forehead

war hero

~Shasta Hatter

four crows stand

in the street

unmoved by cars

~Shasta Hatter

heavy with secrets

oh, how I long

to keep them

~Shasta Hatter


the good doctor's

burner phone

~Kelly Moyer

twist of fate

a typo

in the tea leaves

~Kelly Moyer

he listened to both sides and served tea

~Patrick Sweeney

she was a smoker who every now and then wore a halo

~Patrick Sweeney

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