Evening of January 10, 2024



the telescopefish

shapes from ninety-nine


~Richard Magahiz

airstrike a misuse of air

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

in case of love   scan with this laser

~Richard Magahiz

vestigial organ i remain the assistant manager

~Raghav Prashant Sundar

chain smoker under the door

~Elliot Diamond

the shape-shifting carcass: silent vultures

~Arvinder Kaur

background tv news all my haiku about war

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

cicadas were their bridesmaids starlings their ushers

~Richard Magahiz

in her garden

only nightshades

moon magic

~Steve Van Allen

resplendent trogans

their under-tails

flash in code

~Richard Magahiz

A 2D square sees the surrounding in one dimension

let it fly and hover over the 3D earth.

But what is a tesseract?

~Fhen M.


in the audio

from the Neolithic

~Richard Magahiz

I’m sure that 100,000

sciences have proven

rain is, too

~J. D. Nelson

I am so dirty / I do so very much need / some old-fashioned soap

~Charles A. Perrone

I Did It

You’re supposed to put grief in every poem.

~Noah Berlatsky

cavewolf sprite

oh, you could:

hiccough downtown

o the oooooooo

~J. D. Nelson

woodland walk

I follow my dog's example

and pee

~John J. Dunphy

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