Afternoon of January 29, 2024

finding the edge

of a flat earth

falling falling

~Kathy Watts

in his smile

the glint of a fang—

another wolf

~Kimberly Kucar

her red hood . . .

you can hardly see

the blood

~Kimberly Kucar

gene the green we’re swimming

~J. D. Nelson

ouchminster brady a pair of socks

~J. D. Nelson

the odor of dollar bills you were in my dream

~J. D. Nelson

I’m not in the dream the day I seem to be

~J. D. Nelson



I use parentheses

to prevent my words from spilling over

~Marie Derley

can't play it

can't sell it--

the old silver flute

~Ruth Holzer

carry on

with your temper tantrum

I'll lie here

in my room in the dark

and think of my dead lovers

~Ruth Holzer



The prophet went walking.

The walking broke in half.

The halves become a chrysalis.

The chrysalis eats the dead.

The dead run down like red clocks.

The red clocks open the rain.

Rain bleeds a prophet.

It is walking on meaning like sand.

~Noah Berlatsky

trimming trees

she lops off

his fingers

~Nancy Brady

graveyard extension —

now you can die as many

times as you like

~Maurizio Brancaleoni

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