Afternoon of December 22, 2023

Baudelaire in the Frigidaire: The 60-Cycle Hymn

full fathom fly

soft velvet soft

sky-lift music

steals the deep blue

strobe light sun

~dan smith

Simone and Jean Paul

gnomic thick-lensed

cigarettes and wine

sacramental threesomes

a Nietzschean design

~dan smith

white knuckles

gripping the wheel

carpool tunnel syndrome

~David Josephsohn

As solid as a stone

coffee’s combined with hot water

a little stir, a little patience

all things hard have a soft spot.

~Fhen M.

The Art of Poetry, The Poetry of Art


*                                                           *

*                                                           *

*                                                           *

*                         poem                         *

*                                                           *

*                                                           *

*                                                           *


~Noah Berlatsky

dying to know how it feels living wage

~Roberta Beach Jacobson


die too

~Mykyta Ryzhykh




~Roberta Beach Jacobson



~Noah Berlatsky

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