Afternoon of August 9, 2023


at the mercy

of capricious gods:

a ship of fools

~Jerome Berglund

pie-eyed Dorothy Parker drags her broken-legged zebras on a rainy leash

~Patrick Sweeney

Fleas and Lice

with a nod to Robert Frost

Some say the world will succumb to fleas.

Some say lice.

From what I know of desire and "itchies",

I hold with those who favor fleas!

But if I had to think and scratch twice,

I think I know enough of infestations

to say that lice also work nice...

and will suffice

...especially on old farm cats.

~Thomas A. Thrun

Brief Bio - COVID

Hard-wired to 

   know no boundaries,

   have no filter,

   honor no relationship,

   keep no curfews, and have no friends.

Thus, enviable.   In the Land of Virion, 

   the green-eyed monster is alive and well.

~Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

another wedding invitation

seven year itch

~Wanda Amos

as I turn my thoughts to faraway things, she wants me to do something about the wasps

~Patrick Sweeney

still some way off the mountain improvising buddha jazz

~Herb Tate

she thinks Othello overreacted

~Patrick Sweeney

eyes wide open   the bedwetter's first sleep-over

~Patrick Sweeney

listening to mother’s knitting unravelling grandmother’s pearls

~Herb Tate


through a crack in the door

another moment


~Herb Tate

obsolete part

good for nothing

in latest model

~Jerome Berglund

blue morning

I steal a ring

from Saturn

~Sharon Ferrante

El Diablo

last orders

barflies sticky drinking

mixing feet

~Herb Tate

his last request—

dusting the dust off

Ashes to Ashes

~Herb Tate

mild enough

to catch hell

tax brackets

~Jerome Berglund

mistle thrush

seeds in the air

of Christmas kisses

~Herb Tate

Christmas carolers outside my door

I give them a $20 bill

to stop singing

~John J. Dunphy


never a lonely


~Sharon Ferrante

highlight of my formal education

playing Wipe Out

on my desk

~Patrick Sweeney 


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