Morning of August 21, 2023


I am here, she said

to no one in particular

sometimes that's enough

~Jennifer Gurney



not getting the memo four o’clock shadow

~Susan Burch

if children grew on trees

~Mona Bedi

fold after fold origami ecosystem

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

monogamy the chance I took yesteryear moon

~Mona Bedi

3 bean moon I am Jack’s broken heart

~Susan Burch

Darkness. Silence.

A heavy falling snow

Blood dripping.

~Daniel de Culla


New world


at center.

~Chad Parenteau

When the pandemic is over

I’ll stop thinking and begin reading

I’ll buy things and stop surfing.

I’ll stop counting but start adding,

I won’t need to ask but will be telling.

When the pandemic is over, I’ll leave home and find one.


emptying the house

a closet with all the checks

he’s ever written

~Joseph P. Wechselberger


You tell

empty house

you’re listening

and the house

believes you.

~Chad Parenteau

each one

with his own god

temple town

~Mona Bedi

for no good reason

the watch I found on the beach

last year    starts to run

~Kathy Watts

only they know my wanderlust fridge magnets

~Mona Bedi

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