Evening of January 10, 2024



the telescopefish

shapes from ninety-nine


~Richard Magahiz

airstrike a misuse of air

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

in case of love   scan with this laser

~Richard Magahiz

vestigial organ i remain the assistant manager

~Raghav Prashant Sundar

chain smoker under the door

~Elliot Diamond

the shape-shifting carcass: silent vultures

~Arvinder Kaur

background tv news all my haiku about war

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

cicadas were their bridesmaids starlings their ushers

~Richard Magahiz

in her garden

only nightshades

moon magic

~Steve Van Allen

resplendent trogans

their under-tails

flash in code

~Richard Magahiz

A 2D square sees the surrounding in one dimension

let it fly and hover over the 3D earth.

But what is a tesseract?

~Fhen M.


in the audio

from the Neolithic

~Richard Magahiz

I’m sure that 100,000

sciences have proven

rain is, too

~J. D. Nelson

I am so dirty / I do so very much need / some old-fashioned soap

~Charles A. Perrone

I Did It

You’re supposed to put grief in every poem.

~Noah Berlatsky

cavewolf sprite

oh, you could:

hiccough downtown

o the oooooooo

~J. D. Nelson

woodland walk

I follow my dog's example

and pee

~John J. Dunphy

Afternoon of January 10, 2024


new year

filling the recycling bin

same old resolutions

~Wanda Amos

Hiding in the Cabbage Patch

Companies can collect data

on connected children's products,

microphones and high-def cameras

hidden in the terms and conditions,

as you discover who's really behind

those dead, black marble eyes

of your child's favorite

stuffed and plush baby doll.

~Chris Butler


on the screen

am I a robot

~David Josephsohn


on the screen

am I a bicycle

~David Josephsohn

dragon’s breath—

pursuing the expectations

for hope and peace

in this waning year

of the rabbit

~Wanda Amos

Man Is Insane


will start wars

for an invisible god,

but does not care if

they intentionally kill

their next door neighbor,

just because they haven't

shaved their shaggy lawn

in a couple of weeks.

~Chris Butler

there’s only purple where your head should be

~David Josephsohn

Tofu Dreg

Complex apartment complexes

crafted by empty egg cartons,

collapsing, crushing and cracking

all of the fragile human shells

piled by the hundreds high inside.

~Chris Butler


Father and Mother

bring us into this world.

Father Time and Mother Nature

take us out.

~Chris Butler

Scratchy Baby

Pour salt in the womb

and I shrivel up like a slug,

since I'm such an itchy baby

wearing little scratchy mittens.

~Chris Butler


above both sinks

double vanity

~David Josephsohn

Afternoon of January 7, 2024

straight-arming the dashboard: a life spent bracing for impact

~Patrick Sweeney

paper snowflakes without knowing why climate change

~John Pappas

eyes without cataracts;





face without glasses.

~Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

a poem

with a mind of its own

digital citizen

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

the crowds now appear / loudly clamoring to see / all of my etchings

~Charles A. Perrone

Grief Is a Mother

She flips me upside down

and slaps me on the rump

until I stop breathing

and start crying.

~Nolcha Fox

bombs away in a manger

~John Pappas

the fifth finger on my hand

pretends to be torn off

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

postcolonial firing the western canon

~John Pappas

in deep waters: the blue whale of faith

~Patrick Sweeney

from dawn to dusk sunflower mechanics

~John Pappas

cat cute cut out ou oh o zero

~Mykyta Ryzhykh

I used to write long letters with a knife-sharpened pencil

~Patrick Sweeney

late fall—

a plastic parachutist

in the rain gutter

~John Pappas

by falling down

I see the wildflowers

much better

~Luke Levi


under her collarbone

diving swallows

~John Pappas

winter night

the taste of no


~John Pappas

The world’s best dental floss —

your hair.

~Oliver Kleyer

another growl

my right ear pressed against

the dentist's stomach

~John J. Dunphy

new year’s day

fresh strings on

an old guitar

~John Pappas

distant thunder

he orders more

toe tags

~John Pappas

Somebody’s reading

Night Train to Lisbon on the

morning bus to Rendsburg.

~Oliver Kleyer

that part of himself always pivoting as if to make a break for it

~Patrick Sweeney

new moon the clickclickclick of the delete key

~John Pappas

the constant intrusions of the ordinary

~Patrick Sweeney

Morning of January 5, 2024


the aging streetwalker's orthopedic shoes

~John J. Dunphy

his dry wit

I interview

a wine critic

~John J. Dunphy

on rainy nights

even the buddha snores

~Jay Passer

the refrigerator doesn't care

what I think

~Jay Passer

a murmuration of starlings

violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics

power lines

~Joshua St. Claire


how tenderly he caresses

his iPhone

~Joshua St. Claire

paying a dime

for penny candy

cost of living adjustment

~Joshua St. Claire

Brand Name Cereal

now with more…


~Joshua St. Claire

the light of dead stars

                                       grocery store tabloids

~Joshua St. Claire

the Pierian Spring overflows as our Alps melt

you can't scuba dive

in the desert too many

heads in the sand

~dan smith

burnt rice —

the sticky remains

of our marriage

~Debarati Sen

fading colours

of betta fish –

mom turns sixty

~Debarati Sen

the new year dawns

before the sun rises—


~Jennifer Gurney

Why think of drowning?

A cricket on a floating branch

sings, just sings.

~Fhen M.

black-eyed peas the cornbread crumbles

~Jenn Ryan-Jauregui