Five Fleas Merch

Afternoon of August 16, 2022


dead starfish stinging body hairs

~Amoolya Kamalnath

equally silent

a spider with thicker legs

than normal

~Keith Evetts


of cosmic rays


~Roberta Beach Jacobson

My First Acting Job

I was the rear end of a horse.

My best friend was the front.

A bigoted jockey whipped us.

Back then and to this day.

~Andrej Bilovsky

chocolate ants......the dilemma

~Keith Evetts

the sound of geese losing consciousness


little chicken

a hatchling scratches

a hole in the sky

~Kat Lehmann

cuckoo cuckoo

the poet responds

waka waka

~petro c.k.

crouching water tiger lily

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Evening of August 13, 2022

ghost town

the wind has

its own voice

~Vandana Parashar

tax returns not catching tarpon

~Keith Evetts

reptile house

boa constrictor

sleeping off lunch

 ~Mark Gilbert

Desert comes with its native charms

cacti, ferns, dunes, vipers and moons

speak to the nomads

in old tongues

–inside, it is the Inland taipan for the soul!

~Sunil Sharma





~Mark Gilbert

castaways not washing armpits

~Keith Evetts

For Love Or (Rarely) Money
When rags that don’t pay,

Demur ‘steada publish house

Hold name writers like

Billy Collins, Charles Simic,

Lydia Davis – makes my day!

~Gerard Sarmat

fire apple an eagle eats my uterus

~Pippa Phillips

from a nightmare

I wake up

in someone else’s body

~Vandana Parashar

irrigation in the courts::litigation in the fields

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Morning of August 13, 2022

typhoon settling into an eerie clam

~Keith Evetts

let them eat a measure of wheat for a denarius

~Joshua St. Claire

a pack of fleas

on the statue's nose

Belle Arte School

~Mircea Moldovan

unburning the bridge the unspoken name

~Pippa Phillips

2 a.m. after too much coffee

Awake again all night



~Beth Gulley

making space for the soft-spoken ballistics

~Kelly Moyer

across the ocean

pointing to the same star     *

fingertips meeting

~Kimberly Kuchar

stepping into mist a knight in rusty armor riding the moon

~Joseph P. Wechselberger


lunar halo

the substance

of a tulpa

~Pippa Phillipa

drawstring bag of celestial tricks

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Afternoon of August 12, 2022

medium thing

an everyday object

humdrums along

~Joshua St. Claire

trying to hold all of his hands crying octopus

~Kimberly Kuchar

downriver dead leaves a continent at the mouth of the drain

~Joseph P. Wechselberger

clogging toilets 

and arteries 

his future 

flushed with suck cess 

~Tracy Davidson  

sleepless window

my teacup full

of ghosts

~Pippa Phillips



a tea made of twigs—

I practice the art of peace

by making a cup

~J. D. Nelson

plastic gnomes does anything exist

~Keith Evetts

fish fork in the road halibut

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Afternoon of August 10, 2022

first fruits offering—

the vault of seeds in Norway

guarded by giants

~J. D. Nelson

59 Fleas and a Pillbug

.                .        ..      .

   .   . .  :   .        .   .   :       .  ..

.     : .     .      :   ●  .     .     .          .

:    .  ..  ...    . .   .        .  :   . 

      .   .     :    .       :. .:.  .  .     .

~petro c.k.


the disaster

and before

the next manifesto

their thoughts are with us

~Kashi Reisu



the Earth


by bit

~Keith Evetts

dip the eternal dawn 

in a quiet cup of sea

~Elancharan Gunasekaran

smaller than a quark—

I’m nowhere & everywhere

startled by voices

~J. D. Nelson


my favourite cartoon

the news

~Daipayan Nair

falling petals apart from the daily news

~Keith Evetts

crash open the sky

a waterfall of words 

whispers in the wind

~Eavonka Ettinger 


the psychiatrist

driven mad

~Kashi Reisu

a couple

thoughtful reviews

fired into the ether

inhale the stars

and walk away

~Jerome William Berglund

~Uchechukwu Onyedikam

beet poet pickled

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Evening of August 9, 2022

worn teeth crushed wishes hewn from stone


old pond


the frog


~petro c.k.

stretch the ribs from fog to equinox

~Elancharan Gunasekaran


parallel     lines

a smile     our trains


~Keith Evetts

her needle weaves

through the carpet

sudden daydream

how she cursed

such tiny eyes

~Melanie Alberts

all the sophisticated arguments — bang

~Keith Evetts

I sweep up

all the cat hair and make

a new cat

~petro c.k.

pigeonholed the earthworm’s tattered skirt

~Kelly Moyer

      all the luftballons

have popped

      fantasy island
Jerome Berglund



the extra c

~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Morning of August 9, 2022


don't jump

to conclusions Issa

~Kashi Reisu


Tesselated Pareidolia

I         see             your            face 

every                where                  I 

look              it             is             on

every                thing                 my       

eyes          of           an           insect 

~petro c.k.


filoplumes indicative of her age

~Kelly Moyer


the climate

with conspiracy



~Elancharan Gunasekaran

flea circus

a distraction

from politics

~Kashi Reisu


after a vowel movement tialwind

~Keith Evetts

prodigal i wake within a cabbage roll

~Kelly Moyer

the woods

full of ticks

and tocks 

all the time

~petro c.k.

also on the road squashed armadillo

~Keith Evetts

this poem

has been rejected

seventeen times

~Roberta Beach Jacobson