Afternoon of May 6, 2023


passive aggressive

I shove a bunch of neutrons

out of my way

~Mark Meyer

unusual depth


the added weight

of detail


i wish to report

i skipped stones


and, unable to find Suzie,

i did it alone


was that shallow?

~Geoffrey Aitken

picked up coins

in my dream last night

woke without pockets

~David C. Kopaska-Merkel

glamorous visions

high pitched voices

the result of gifts

~CJ The Tall Poet

100% implausible



the inefficiency


of the machine


with its inability


to feel for itself.

~Geoffrey Aitken

sensor faucet

I pretend

I already know

~Daipayan Nair


draws you in

no empty promises

just steel orifice

and ever-turning blades

you go anyway

~Robert Beveridge

a lifetime

of deposits and withdrawals —

memory bank

~Mark Meyer

here there everywhere

I'm just playing around

in a quantum field

~Mark Meyer

FB friends

life diminished

to social distance

~Christa Pandey

autonomic transmission my body stuck in neutral

~Mark Meyer

paranoia out there somewhere an asteroid with my name on it

~Mark Meyer

Afternoon of May 3, 2023

Labour Day

a blackbird rakes the leaves

under the hedge

~Fran├žoise Maurice

Labor Day

this year the moon is still not full

~Nani Mariani

Corona-cation Chronicles Day 49


IT will go away by itself.  

IT could maybe go away, hopefully at the end of the month.  

IT’ll be over by Easter, by the 4th of July, by summer’s end.  

IT’s going to be gone.  

CovIT is what IT was, is, and gonna be – never gone.

~Suzanne S. Austin-Hill

A spiderweb of

Interwoven thoughts lead me

Back to you

~Jennifer Gurney

lavender matcha

tastes like an indie bookstore

~JL Huffman

my book of shadows 

your dry rose petals 

on old parchment 

still you stay

nap on the daybed 

tiptoe at night 

~Sharon Ferrante

Seven properties of light: 

natural, artificial, painful, sneeze-ful, just right, obscured, and absent.

~Rebecca Dempsey

I hadn't considered

The ramifications of

Opening my heart

~Jennifer Gurney


tastes as good as your heart 


~Sharon Ferrante

Wind sings through

deserted bones on an abounded beach

drowned sailors sing back

               in harmonic moans

~Steve Van Allen

Every surrealist poem

includes blood and butterflies.


other poems include them as well.

~Noah Berlatsky

Afternoon of May 2, 2023


my sister locks me

in the basement

~Daipayan Nair


the sunset begins

to pixelate

~Joshua St. Claire

Whenever trees freeze

I find words on their leaves.

~Bob Nimmo


to see his wife

man pounds and kicks

on the locked door at

the battered women's shelter

~John J. Dunphy

inner space

the place where

ideas are born

~Jennifer Gurney


~Joshua St. Claire

cold yesterday yet the stepping stones

~Minal Sarosh

postage stamp sky


to forever

~Edward Cody Huddleston

Fleeing clouds

They did not come to war

They are the messengers

~Chineloromiheom Calista

after the battle

finding his friend

in pieces

~Stephanie Zepherelli

Juneteenth celebration

keynote speaker

concludes his address

by holding up

a broken chain

~John J. Dunphy