Morning of November 28, 2023

Very Little


I believe in very little.

I believe in love

but only a little

and love is one of the

littlest things of them all.

~John Tustin



Quadruple checking lines & limbs

Triple sanding *all affected areas*

Staining + double top coat passim

Complete the entire restoration

during a < single > work session.

Declare soulful recovery.

Parts and Labor: $ 1, 234.00
~Charles A. Perrone

Watching the Clouds


I want to die

in a way

that I never could have lived –


lying on my back,

watching the clouds

~John Tustin

inner peace


by teasing out

and shunning reason

be cartesian


ever pleasing

never easing

off this pledge

beyond the ledge

and natural edge

no fine line to draw

~Charles A. Perrone

the morning after

vultures hang

their wings out to dry

~Sarah Paris



In This Moment


In this moment

there is just enough room here

for a purring cat,

some music,

a bird that cries distantly,

the wind shaking local trees,

a cup of coffee,

the waning sun,


nothing else.

~John Tustin

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