Afternoon of October 22, 2022

Wherefore Art Thou, Earth?

What is the temperature

of Mercury? What cars do they drive

On Mars? Are they stupider

On Jupiter? More taciturn

Where Saturn turns? More in tune

In the heart of June

With the fourteen moons

Of Neptune? And is Pluto no more

than a dark Venus

in Uranus?

~Robert Witmer

space sickness

my vomit comes over

to say hello

~Mark Gilbert

cascading our way

a swarm of deadheaded


~Roberta Beach Jacobson

Oh Human Hubris.

You’ve changed the clocks

not the world’s wobble

or rotation,

still you claim this

is daylight saving.

~Allen Ashley

What Rites?

Can the leopard change its spots,

star-lust actors leave lime lights,

flea trails cease, wheals, red like pox,

itches cause less scratchy sites?

Potshots, finger-thumb round blots,

fumble digits so large for mites,

lots of dots evade broad swats -

night clots worse, when frights wait bites.

~Stephen Kingsnorth

Hair Dryer

My ex-girlfriend

never returned

the Conair 1600

hair dryer

she borrowed

the day she

broke up with me.

~Michael Haller

a note on Stupid








~Caroline Reid

her red toenails . . .

the polish dries

on his Lamborghini

~Robert Witmer

Bad News

Death is unpleasant,

like the evening news.

Tonight’s top

story: “You’re dead.

Details later.”

~Michael Haller


the world ends

with a preposition

~Kelly Moyer

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